With its Roman ruins, art installations, and white-sand beach, Zadar is one of the most unique resorts along Croatia’s Dalmatian coast, where in-the-know travellers come to feast on seafood, watch dreamy sunsets, and sip cocktails at oceanside bars.

Only 7km away from Sukošan lies Zadar. It is a historic destination on the Dalmatian coast that combines an abundance of Roman and medieval remains with innovative modern architectural projects.

Many old churches and palaces have been transformed into lively bars, cheerful cafes, and art galleries.

The coastal setting means plenty of charming sea views, with the idyllic islands of Dugi Otok accessible via a short boat ride from Zadar’s mainland. And with fewer crowds than in cities like Dubrovnik and Split, you can enjoy historic sites, cosy restaurants, and laidback café culture in peace.

The People Square, Zadar’s central square, is essentially an outdoor museum where you can find historic buildings like the 11th-century Church of St Lawrence and the 16th-century Clock Tower.

Sea Organ – installation looks like a series of steps leading into the ocean – it’s a huge musical instrument designed by Nikola Bašić. Hollow tubes underneath the marble steps make music when the waves pass through them, creating a harmonica effect.

After a day of exploring Zadar’s historical landmarks, you can unwind with a drink at one of the bars along the Riva waterfront, located on the western side of the Old Town.

Sea Organ

Be enchanted by the sound of sea waves at Zadar’s Sea Organ, a sound art installation by architect Nikola Bašić. Sit on the perforated marble stairs dropping into the sea as the water pushes air through the whistles and pipes, creating hypnotic sounds.

The Greeting to the Sun